A A1 Beauty and the Beast... Bill Hawkesworth and Les Viner - plotting maybe... Billy no mates Bob....Blurred but funny... Cliff waiting for kick off Coiln Pocklington with Keith Jones Dave and Mrs Johnson Derek, Derrick and Suli Good man Don - reading the programme.He said this and I punched him - Ken, Louise and Tony Jones Hilary, Robinia and Gordon Donaldson Honest - I went fishing once and it was this big...said Les! Honest Jake my hand really, really hurts.... How sweet..aaah!I've arrived and to prove it I'm here says Pete Hirst Janet Viner with Chris Hawkesworth Jim and Paula Ryan Jim Ryan and Edye Johns Judy and Brian Greaves with Don and Barbara ThakeKath Bridges, Shane Pollin and Dave Marshall Kelyn and craig Clifford Les having a break from Ken's stories Les Viner chatting to Lin Hannah Lesley StarlingLetting yourself goooo there pete Liquid lunch folks - Chris...Pete's on the machine again! Looks like someone has lost ashilling and found sixpence Mac and Pete forty years on! Mick and Barbara NayaNina Naya and Sue Marlee Phil and Carol Olive Really says Les! Ron and Lorna Denton She's behind you Neil - chatting up that old man!Skippy caught at a bad moment! Steve and Bash putting the world to rights Sue and Dee chilling The French delagation - Hilary, Robinia, Gordon The mind boggles Jake!!The three amigos - ish The two wise men - well one anyway They are talking about you Jake not to you! They have heard it all before Mark Tony and Mrs SmithTurn your hearing aid up Vince at the bar again with John, Keith and Shane Where is Ron off to - answers on a postcard.... Where is your hand Dave....oh there it is! Yep still going strong Vince Winstanley and Phil Olive You may well hide John Mannering