a1 Leicester Cathedral 3 a2 Leicester a3 Leicester a4. Leicester cathedral a5  Leicester - anyone seen an ashtray... a6 Leicester - Just seen a quid on the pavinging - don't point Bob a7 Leicester cathedral a8 Leicester - which way is up..Are you mad or what - go on Edye make it 2K Assume it's your chips Mark... Black - again...aaah! Blackjack ready for the off Chilling after losing some 'funny' money guys.... Craig Clifford - mens winner...or was he...... Dave and Sue taking time out Dina setting up the casino roulette table Don - Barbara pulled Don's name out of the bowl - what are the chances...Don - what are the chances of Barbara pulling his name out.... Don - with the donated cake he won made by Nina's daughter Juliette Don deliberating whether to throw away some more money on roulette or blackjack Don't think about it tooo long Dave Get in....... Go for it Jake - it's not real money.... He who hesitates is lost Lost again Mark.. Mac playing Sunday afternoon Me taking you taking me....Meanwhile at the next table - speed is of the essence Mesmerising My cameras bigger than your camera Neil taking it all in - Ken lost the lot...are you sure... Nice trainers Ron Not Sarah again... Now Craig - do you know what this is.... Now Craig - No I don't.... Now Craig it's tradition to lick the end....right! Please, Please let it be my number...sod it!Put a grand on that one Resting - again.. Sarah totting up her winnings maybe! Someones doing well Mark Suli taking over as croupier £2K a time Taking it seriously at the blackjack table Tense stuff at the card table for these boys The serious gamblers... The Sunday cake baked by Juliette - amazingThis is how you do it says Sarah... Turn your hearing aid up Vince at the bar again with John, Keith and Shane We won - we won!Well done barbara -  You did it Sarah - Kenny Rogers would have been proud - work it out! Sunday Night Survivors