Where is Cornwall again.... Vince with Lin Hannah and Rayna Stephens Vince with an Hughes Tim, Phil and Mark Tim Nichol and Mark Considine The start of day two - 'The Set Up' The room is buzzing The lovely Nina Naya The General popped in for a cuppa to see the boys with Les, Derrick and Bob The ever young Bill Hawkesworth The achievement award goes to...Alf Payten Suli Henderson Steve Bennett with Tony Jones Steve and Mrs PK She is listening to Brig Kim not ignoring me - honest Shane, dave and Vince - enjoying a pre-dinner drink Sarah doing what she does best... Ron and Lorna Denton (2) Rob Weeks and Jim Ryan Reunion prizes and awards Ready for the off Rayna Stephens, Hilary Reid with Phil Winstanley Prize and award table Pre dinner drinks with brian and Judy Greaves and barbara Thake Pete Starling with Brig Kim Stevens - same taylor gents! Pete presenting Brig Stephens bio Paula Ryan, Nina and Dee Our logo and sponsors logos Our Korean veteran Brian Greaves OK Boss you can have the whole bottle... Not the best time to photo a lady Ron..... Nina, Sister Dee and sister in law Barbara Nina receiving her 'Going the extra mile overseas' award Nice bit of leg showing there Bill! 'Monty' Hughes on the red carpet... Mick, Barbara and Craig having a crafty puff Mick McCran and Jim Ryan Mick and Phil Mick and oooh Gloria McCran Mark Rees, Bash Ahmed and Neil ParsonsMac's musical interlude Louise setting up the raffle Late night last night Phil.... Kelyn and Craig Clifford (2) Keep pouring till I say stop John! Jim staying away from that 'Killer' finger..... Janet Gillies with Phil squared Jake and Sue with General Pete Craig and his minder behind..oh no it's Bob I want them here, here and here... Heard it all before says Gloria.... Golfers - your guess is as good as mine..... Golf match -Golfers do it with balls.... Golf match - you always get one or in this case three... Golf Match - this is how you do it Part 1 Golf Match - this is how you do it Part  2 Golf match - guess who is behind the shades... Golf match - Dave Marshall ready to pounce.. Golf match - Chrlie on his way to winning the trophy Golf match  - Let the games begin.. Gives us a smile Charlie - clean sweep of the golf match - with Mac McLean Memorial Trophy General Norman with Derrick Worthington General Kirby and Les Viner Final check of tables Eyde enjoying a joke - or three Dr Rob weeks with Jim Ryan Don and Barbara Thake - still going strong Do you know Chris - I still owe Ken & Lin a wedding present...say Billy Do we have to - yes you do! Craig, Cliff and Barbara with Steve Tinker Chris and pete Hirst Charlene and Darren Vale Bugger!! Brig Stephens entertaining speech Brig Kim and Rayna Stephens with some old bloke..... Bob receiving the 'Going the extra mile UK' award Black Mac's latest gig - brilliant Bill, Chris and Mick Ann Hughes with Philip Winstanley Adrian McDonald, Jim Ryan and Mrs Jean Craig