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Cost Comparisons

Cost comparison website which allows you to check prices at different stores including Asda, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury – claims it can save 20%on a weekly shop.

Cheapest Petrol Sites

With the price of fuel sky rocketing this site has up to date prices on 9763 petrol stations – just enter your post code to find the best deals

Veterans Agency

Get information on all veterans matters including service records (also medical records) and pension/injury claim applications. Helpline: 08001692277

The following are useful contacts for seeking out ‘lost souls’

RAMC Association

Soldier Magazine 

Fax 01252 347358


Websites for Information

55 Field Surgical Team

It is intended that this site will chronicle some of the activities of  55 FST. If you have any contributions that you wish to make about this, or any other of the FSTs,  RAMC, RAF or even RN…..please contact Bill De Bass at:

Photographs of the Sultan of Oman and the Sultan’s Armed Forces 1974 – 76


The community forum for RAMC personnel. It has a lot of potential for ex members of the RAMC to get in touch with one another, post pictures and messages.                                                                               

The long awaited RAMC Association web site is now up and running which is mainly down to the hard work of Chris Ellice. Well done Chris

This is a site well worth a visit. Easy to follow and free to join. Want to track down lost friends? Chat with past and present members of the Corps? Then give this site a visit. Nothing to lose!!

The main purposes of SAMA82 is to promote a sense of pride and comradeship among all veterans of the South Atlantic campaign, and to keep them in touch with each other in a manner which respects both individual privacy and personal requirements.

An interesting website, primarily for people in the northeast, of England with a wealth of information. Mainly concerned with issues around pain and its management. has spots for surfers notes in Now then. Main topics at the moment deal with cancer and suppression of life savinfg information that could be beneficial for certain cancer sufferers. A number of RAMC/ExRAMC contribute articles on both generic and specialist themes. The webmaster being an ex medic welcomes contributions of a helpful, humorous nature. The site is strictly policed, so no swear words and politically incorrect jokes please.

This is a site well worth a visit.  Easy to follow and free to join.  Want to track down lost friends?  Chat with past and present members of the Corps?  Then give this site a visit.  Nothing to lose!!

Military Websites – this link will take you to a site created by David Davis (RE) which subsequently lnks you to other unit sites.

OTJ is extremely popular within the profession and is read and acknowledged not only by theatre staff of all disciplines, but also by medical agencies and companies, who utilise our popular pages to promote their services or latest products.

National Memorial Arboretum – The NMA comprises 150 acres of trees and memorials devoted to the concept of remembrance. Established in 1997 the aboretum currently contains 130 memorials. Names of personnel who have died on active service are recorded on the memorial. See the ‘Members’ page on this site for address and contact details.

Details of personnel who died in service are recorded in the Rolls of Honour that is be kept in the Chapel of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and on the Armed Forces Memorial website


The Practice Statistics Logbook (PSL) is a FREE Microsoft Excel Worksheet based logbook designed with the Peri-operative practitioner in mind. It is intended to be used as a tool to find shortfalls in an ODPs practice by measuring statistics of practice over a period of time which will allow the practitioner to recognise areas of practice that need adjustment in order for the practitioner to improve care delivery. With this in mind it therefore meets with the Continuing Professional Development standards set by the Health Professions Council (HPC).