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User CP (User Control Panel)
01-21-2014, 01:03 PM
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User CP (User Control Panel)
The User Control Panel is available to registered members (with appropriate permissions) to manage their user profile. At the top of the menu, you are provided with a link back to the User CP home page.


1 Messenger

2 Your Profile

2.1 Edit Profile
2.1.1 Required Fields
2.1.2 Optional Fields
2.1.3 Additional Information
2.1.4 Custom User Title
2.1.5 Additional Contact Information
2.1.6 Away Information
2.2 Change Username
2.3 Change Password
2.4 Change Email
2.5 Change Avatar
2.6 Change Signature
2.7 Edit Options
2.7.1 Privacy
2.7.2 Messaging and Notification
2.7.3 Date and Time Options
2.7.4 Forum Display Options
2.7.5 Thread View Options
2.7.6 Other Options

3 Miscellaneous

3.1 Group Memberships
3.2 Buddy/Ignore List
3.3 Manage Attachments
3.4 Saved Drafts
3.5 Subscribed Threads
3.6 Forum Subscriptions
3.7 Personal Pad
3.8 View Profile


The private messaging (also known as PM) system allows forum members to communicate one-on-one in private, like email, but hosted on the forum. The private messages section is described in more detail in the Private Messages article. (Seperate Post)

The menu includes the following links:


This allows you to send a private message to another user.


This is your folder of received and unfiled messages.

Sent Items

This folder contains private messages you have sent.


This folder contains private messages you have written but have not sent.

Trash Can

This folder contains messages you have deleted.


This page allows you to track messages you have sent - allowing you to see if and when a user has read your message. If they have not read the message, you can delete the message from their inbox

Edit Folders

This page allows you to add additional folders, allowing you to file your private messages, similar to email.

From any of the folders, you can also access the Empty Folders and Download Messages pages.

Your Profile

The "Your Profile" section deals with everything relating to your account and your profile.

Edit Profile

Various profile fields are available for you to describe yourself and publicise your contact information. These include:

[Image: UserCPEditProfile-e1390265546834.png]

Required Fields

The only required field, by default, is your email address, which you can change from the change email page. However, custom profile fields may be set as required. If any custom profile fields have been set as required, these will be displayed here as well

Optional Fields

Date of Birth

Your date of birth.

Date of Birth Privacy

You can choose to either display age and date of birth publicly, only display your age, or hide age and date of birth. Hiding your age and date of birth will only allow the administrative staff to see it.

Your Website URL

If you have a website, you can enter it here.

Additional Information

Custom profile fields that are not required are displayed here.

Custom User Title

Your custom user title is displayed beneath your username in your posts, as well as in the member list, in events posted by you, and in your profile. User titles are often assigned based on user group or post count. However, if the administrator has allowed it for your user group, you may also set yourself a custom user title.

Your default user title is displayed first, and then your current user title. To keep your current user title, leave the field blank and do not check the checkbox. To set a custom user title, enter one into the field. If you wish to revert your user title to your group default (your "default user title"), check the checkbox labeled "Revert to group default."

Additional Contact Information

In addition to your email address, private messaging, and your website, you can choose to set a ICQ number, AIM screen name, MSN ID, and Yahoo! ID. These will be displayed publicly. (Note: Your email address is NEVER displayed publicly.)

Away Information

You can also set your status as away, to tell other users you are not currently available.
To set your status to away, first select "I'm Away." Then, enter in a reason for being away, to be displayed to other users. If you have a return date, you may also set this (in the format Day-Month-Year).

Change Username

If the administrator has given you permission to change your username, you can change it via this page (the link is only displayed if you have the permissions to change your username). To change your username, you must also supply your current password.

Change Password

This page allows you to change the password used to access your account. You must also supply your current password in order to change your password.

Change Email

This page allows you to change the email address associated with your account. To change your email address, you must also supply your current password.

Change Avatar

This page allows you to change the avatar that is displayed in your posts, in the member list, and in your profile. The administrator has specified a size limit for avatars, including both the dimensions and file size in the Forum Rules.

You can choose avatars using three methods:

Gallery - These are avatars already uploaded by the Forum Administrator that you can choose from to use.

Upload - You can upload an avatar from your computer.

Remote URL - You can type in a URL to an image file somewhere on the internet that you want to use as your avatar.

The board administrator may also enable a feature that will automatically resize avatars. If set to automatically resize large avatars, any avatar over the specified limit will be automatically resized. If set to give users the choice of resizing large avatars, you will need to check "Try to resize my avatar if it is too large" to have your avatar automatically resized if too large. If the administrator has disabled automatic resizing of avatars, you will be asked to upload another image if your avatar is too large.

Uploading a new avatar will replace your current avatar. Also, if you wish to have no avatar, you may select "Remove Avatar" at the bottom of the page, which will leave you with no avatar.

Change Signature

This page allows you to change the signature that can be displayed below your posts and provides the option of changing whether or not your signature is displayed. You can choose ""Enable my signature in all of my posts," "Disable my signature in all of my posts," or "Leave my signature settings alone."

[Image: UserCP-ChangeSignature-e1390266886802.png]

A MyCode editor is displayed, in addition to the smilie listing. The administrative-set permissions for signatures are also displayed, including whether smilies, MyCode, [img] tags, and HTML are enabled, as well as the maximum number of characters allowed.

Edit Options


Hide me from the Who's Online list

Would you like to be shown to all users on the who's online list when you are logged in? User groups that are allowed to see invisible users (typically administrators, and moderators) will still see you in the who's online list.

Messaging and Notification

Receive emails from the Administrators

Would you like to receive mass mailings from the administrators?

Hide your email from other members

Would you like to be able to be contacted by other members of the forum using the "Email user" form? (Note: Your email address is NEVER shown publicly, regardless of this setting

Receive private messages from other users

Would you like to be able to have other users send you private messages? (If you have this disabled, you will not be able to send private messages)

Alert me with a notice when I receive a Private Message

Would you like to see an alert at the top of the forum when you receive a new private message?

Notify me by email when I receive a new Private Message

Would you like to receive an email every time someone sends you a private message

Default Thread Subscription Mode

When you reply to a thread, would you like to not subscribe, subscribe but with no email notification of new replies, or receive instant notification of new replies?

Date and Time Options

Date format

What format should dates be in?

Time format

What format should times be in?

If you live in a time zone which differs to what this board is set at, you can select it from the list below

The time zone you live in.

Daylight Savings Time correction

Would you like to have the board automatically detect DST settings, always use DST correction, or never use DST correction?

[Image: UserCPEditOptions-e1390269376104.png]

Forum Display Options

Threads per page

The number of threads to display on the thread listing. This can be either the forum default, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, or 50 threads per page.

Default Thread View

How old should threads be that are displayed in the thread listing? There are various choices, in addition to use the default for the forum and show all threads

Thread View Options

Display posts in classic mode

Would you like to show threads in a vertical postbit instead of a horizontal one?

Display users' signatures in their posts

Would you like to see user signatures after posts?

Display users' avatars in their posts

Would you like to see user avatars in posts?

Show the quick reply box on the view thread page

Would you like to have the quick reply box shown?

Posts Per Page

The number of posts to display on a page. This includes either the board default, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, or 50 posts

Thread View Mode

Would you like to view the thread in linear mode or threaded (USENET) mode?

Other Options

Show friendly redirect pages

Would you like to see the friendly redirect pages after completing various actions on the board?

Show the MyCode formatting options on the posting pages

Would you like to have the MyCode editor enabled?

Board Style
What theme should be used? You can choose to use the board default or a specific theme.

Board Language
What language should the board be displayed in? You can choose to use the board default or a specific language.


Group Memberships

On this page, you can choose to join groups that are open to public joins. You can also manage groups you are the leader of, and set your display group, as well as choose to leave groups. If a group you wish to join is moderated, you must also specify a reason.

[Image: UserCP-GroupManagement1-e1390303325324.png]

On the "View Members" page of groups that you are a leader of, you can choose to add users and remove users.

[Image: UserCP-GroupManagement2-e1390303297246.png]

On the "Join Requests" page of groups that you are a leader of (if joins to the group are moderated), you can choose to approve requests (add them to the group), ignore requests (do not add but do not decline the request), or decline requests (do not add them to the group).

[Image: UserCP-GroupManagement3-e1390303266166.png]

Buddy/Ignore List

This page allows you to add or remove users from your buddy and ignore list.

To add a user to your buddy list or ignore list, enter their username in the corresponding textbox. Username autocomplete is enabled on this field. You may enter more than one username at once, separating multiple names by a comma.

[Image: UserCP-BuddyIgnore-e1390304370700.png]

After users have been added, you will see them in the listing of your buddies or ignored users. To remove a user from your buddy or ignore list, click on the icon that depicts a person with a [-] in front of them. The other icon shows whether a user is online, offline, or away.

Manage Attachments

This page allows you to manage attachments that you have previously uploaded to the forum. It gives you the attachment name, size, and number of downloads, the post and thread it was posted in, and the date and time it was posted. To delete an attachment, select it using the checkbox to the right and click on "Delete Selected Attachments" below the table.

[Image: UserCP-ManageAttachments-e1390303241904.png]

Also, the page gives you various statistics on your attachments, including the number of attachments you have uploaded, the space used (and your quota, in parentheses), your attachment quota, the total number of downloads on all of your attachments, and the approximate bandwidth usage of all of your attachments.

Saved Drafts

If you have previously saved a draft when making a new thread or reply, the drafts will be shown here. Then you can either continue editing or discard the drafts. After editing a draft, you can either choose to post the draft, or save it again. Saving it again will replace the draft you were editing.

You may also select multiple drafts to delete by checking the checkbox to the right of the draft, and selecting "Delete Selected Drafts" at the bottom of the page.

Subscribed Threads

If you have subscribed to any threads, they will be shown here. For subscribed threads, you can either be subscribed, but receive no email notification, or receive instant email notification of new replies. The subscription listing is similar to that of the Forum Display, including the status icon, post icon, title and status, number of replies, views, and the last post.

[Image: UserCP-SubscribedThreads-e1390303210701.png]

For each subscribed thread, you can choose to delete the subscription, change to no notification, or change to instant email notification. To do this, select a subscription using the checkbox at the right side of the subscription, and make your selection at the bottom of the page, and press "Go." You may also remove all subscriptions by selecting "Remove All Subscriptions" at the bottom of the page.

Forum Subscriptions

If you have subscribed to any forums, they will be shown here. You will be notified of new threads in subscribed forums. You may choose to unsubscribe to your subscribed forums, or post a new thread. You are also shown the status icon, number of posts, threads, and the last post in each forum.

Personal Pad

This page acts as a personal notepad for you to save any text. Only you will see this text.

View Profile

This will take you to your user profile, outside of the User CP.
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